Damiano Testa

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Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL
United Kingdom

I am an Associate Professor in the Mathematics Institute of the University of Warwick. Prior to coming here, I was in the mathematics departments of Oxford, Bremen, Roma, Ithaca, Boston, Roma. My PhD supervisor was Johan de Jong; my undergraduate supervisor was Corrado De Concini. You can find a copy of my CV here.

Between September 2013 and August 2015 I was partially supported by EPSRC grant EP/K019279/1 Moduli Spaces and Rational Points.

... most of the statements we made were wrong, most of the facts we learned were trivial...


2021, August 16-20, AGRA IV (Análisis, Grupos y Aritmética): Superficies Racionales sobre un Cuerpo

2019, July 22-26, Düsseldorf: Arithmetic properties of del Pezzo surfaces

2014, February 14-21, LEGAL, Teresópolis: Rational points on surfaces

2014, January-February, Concepción and IMPA: Cox Rings of Rational surfaces

2013, January 5-15, Concepción: Rational points on surfaces

2008, April 14-18, Warwick: with Martin Bright and Ronald van Luijk we ran an Instructional workshop on Surfaces: Geometry and Arithmetic


2020-21 Term 2, MA3J9 Historical Challenges in Mathematics, Lecture Notes: Hilbert's Third, Seventeenth, Tenth problem.

2020-21 Term 2, MA939 Topics in Number Theory. You can find a draft version of a book that Martin Bright, Ronald van Luijk and I are writing here. As this is a draft, it is subject to change. If you find any errors, typos or have any form of feedback, please, email me and let me know!

Past years


Lines of polynomials with Galois group \(\mathfrak{A}_n\), a talk in the GANT seminar, November 29th, 2021.

\(\overline{M}_{0,134}\) is not a Mori Dream Space, an expository talk on a result of Castravet-Tevelev, Warwick \(\overline{M}_{0,n}\) seminar, November 22nd, 2021.

Mathematical insights from using Lean, a talk at the online workshop Lean Together 2021 (recording of the talk).

Using computers to do maths for us!, Tour of Mathematics 2020-21, Warwick.

Contact in algebraic and tropical geometry, in Versailles.