Marco Schlichting


[21] On the homology stability range for symplectic groups (16 May 2022).

Published Work and work accepted for publication

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[0] Delooping the K-theory of exact categories and negative K-groups, PhD thesis at Université Paris 7 (2000).


Paul Balmer, A.J. Berrick, Guillermo Cortiñas, Christian Häsemeyer, Jens Hornbostel, Max Karoubi, Girja S. Tripathi, Charles A. Weibel, Paul Arne Østvær

Former PhD students

Dylan Madden: Burnside form rings and the K-theory of forms (2021)
James Plowman: The Chow-Witt group of a scheme with residual complex (2019)
Ferdinando Zanchetta: Operations in (Hermitian) K-theory and related topics (2019)
Daniel Grech:Milnor K-theory and Automorphisms (2018)
Heng Xie: Grothendieck-Witt groups of quadrics and sums-of-squares formulas (2015)
Simon Markett: The Grayson spectral sequence for hermitian K-theory (2015)
Jeremy Jacobson: On the Witt groups of schemes (2012)
Girja Shanker Tripathi: Orthogonal Grassmannians and hermitian K-theory in A1-homotopy theory of schemes (2010)

Current PhD students

Sunny Sood (3rd year)
Daniel Marlowe (2nd year)

Undergraduate Research students (projects with some original content)

Gianni Prenol (URSS): The Universal Central Extension and Schur Multiplier for SL2 Over Fields (2020)
Andrew S. Pollock (MA4K9): On the Mod p Homology of Some Finite Simple Groups (2020)

Other Activities

Editor for Annals of K-theory

Former editor for Journal of K-theory. See the Open letter of the editors about the end of the Journal of K-theory

Teacher for Music Together Kenilworth