Programs for computing with automorphic forms


I plan to use this page to make available various useful little scripts and tables of data that I and other people have worked out in connection with the explicit calculation of spaces of automorphic forms. These scripts are written in various combinations of Sage, PARI/GP and Magma. (The first two are open source and free; the latter is not open source and not free.)

Overconvergent modular forms at small weights and levels

These scripts exist in two versions. The most up-to-date is a Sage version, which will soon be available as a part of Sage. A slightly older Sage version can be downloaded from here: Examples of its use can be found in the slides for a talk I gave at the Heilbronn Institute in August 2008.

The original versions, in PARI/GP, are available below. These scripts all run happily in the antiquated GP/PARI version 2.1.6 on, and should work on any more recent versions too. To use them, just download the script and save it, and run the GP interpreter on them by typing gp (for instance). This will load the script into GP and print full documentation of all the functions in each module.

Automorphic forms on unitary groups

These programs are intended to accompany my paper "Explicit calculations of automorphic forms on unitary groups". They calculate automorphic forms for the unitary group in 3 variables attached to Q(sqrt(-7)).

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