Saul Schleimer

Office: B2.14 Zeeman
Phone Number: 024 7652 3560
Email address: s.schleimer at warwick dot ac dot uk
In term one 2022-23 I am lecturing MA132/138 (Foundations/Sets and numbers).
In term two 2022-23 I am lecturing MA9M7 (Topics in Geometric Topology).
Past courses and students.

Office hours:
(Term III, 2021-22) Please contact me via email to make an appointment.

The geometry and topology seminar. Past seminars.

A meta-list of conferences.

My research page, papers at the arXiv and at the Front, and reviews at MathSciNet (subscription only).

On writing:
A few useful resources on and for writing mathematics.

Exhibit and talks:
Videos, slides, scanned notes for various research talks and outreach talks talks, and art exhibitions.

Various random links.

Maths department webpage.
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