Math 461, Section 1
Spring 2006


Week Date of Monday Topic Homework Comments
1 Jan. 16 Introductory remarks. Notation of set theory. Notes. None. No class Monday.
2 Jan. 23 Functions. Equinumerosity. Notes. Homework 1. Due Jan. 30.
3 Jan. 30 The Cantor-Bernstein Theorem. Notes. Homework 2. Due Feb. 6.
4 Feb. 6 Sequences. Relations. Orders. Notes. Homework 3. Due Feb. 13.
5 Feb. 13 Propositional Logic. Wffs. Homework 4. Due Feb. 20. Midterm Wednesday.
6 Feb. 20 Unique Readability. The Compactness Theorem. Notes. None. Come to office hours between now and the second midterm and receive an extra credit homework!
7 Feb. 27 Applications and proof of compactness. Notes. Homework 5. Due Mar. 6.
8 Mar. 6 Finish the proof of Compactness. Konig's Lemma. Notes. Homework 6. Due Mar. 20.
9 Mar. 13 Spring recess -- no classes.
10 Mar. 20 First order logic. Notes. Homework 7. Due Mar. 27.
11 Mar. 27 Truth and structures. Homework 8. Due Apr. 3. Midterm Wednesday. This week's homework is a review of how to use the Compactness Theorem. It may be a good idea to look at the homework before the exam.
12 Apr. 3 Finish structures. The compactness theorem and models. Notes. Homework 9. Due Apr. 17. Fixed second typo in the homework. I've moved the due date back a week and added a problem. 4/8/2006.
13 Apr. 10 Axiomatization. Deductions. Notes. None.
14 Apr. 17 Soundness theorem. The "meta-theorems". Homework 10. Due Apr. 24.
15 Apr. 24 Proof of Completeness. Homework 11. Due May 1. Office hours this week: after class on Monday and before class on Wednesday. Fixed typo in the homework -- problem 3 is now optional.
16 May 1 Discussion of Incompleteness. Review questions. Notes. None. Last class on May 1. Office hours after class on Monday. Additional office hours: Thursday 2-4pm, Monday (8th) 2-4pm. Final exam: Tuesday, May 9th, 12noon-3pm. SEC-216 BUS.