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Geometry and Topology Hybrid (formerly Online)

Warwick Mathematics Institute

Term III, 2022-23

Please contact Saul Schleimer or Robert Kropholler if you would like to speak or to suggest a speaker.

While this page is the seminar's "main page", I will attempt to also maintain an up-to-date listing at researchseminars.org.

The seminar will be hybrid, and will be run weekly. The talk is in B3.02 Zeeman Building on Thursdays, starting at 14:05. We will open and close the Zoom session on the hour. Note that no password is required; links to the zoom session for each talk are below.

Thursday April 27, 14:05 (UK time), B3.02 Zeeman.

Zoom meeting

Alan Logan (Heriot-Watt)

Dynamics and algorithms for endomorphisms of free groups

Abstract: Recent work of Mutanguha has given a topological insight into endomorphisms of free groups and their dynamics. The purpose of this talk is to sketch this theory, and to explain how it can be applied to resolve the conjugacy problem for ascending HNN-extensions of free groups.

Thursday May 25, 14:05 (UK time), B3.02 Zeeman.

Zoom meeting Slides

Michael Borinsky (ETH-ITS)

The commutative graph complex and the amount of top-weight cohomology in the moduli space of curves

Abstract: I will present new results on the asymptotic growth rate of the Euler characteristic of Kontsevich's commutative graph complex. By work of Chan, Galatius and Payne, these results imply the same asymptotic growth rate for the top-weight Euler characteristic of \(M_g\), the moduli space of curves, and establish the existence of a large amount of unexplained top-weight cohomology in this space.

Thursday June 1, 14:05 (UK time), B3.02 Zeeman.

Zoom meeting Slides



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