Graduate Topology/Geometry Seminar

Time: 1:40 - 3:00, Tuesday
Location: 423 Hill

This fall Feng Luo and Saul Schleimer are running a graduate-level seminar on the topology and geometry of surfaces.

Possible topics include: the mapping class group, Teichmuller theory, coarse geometry, and the work of Masur and Minsky on the complex of curves. See below for a list of possible references. Please contact the organizers if you are interested in attending or speaking. Please do suggest topics which you would be interested in learning and/or speaking about.

For information on past talks at the seminar please consult last fall's seminar page.

Seminar Schedule --- Spring, 2007

Jan. 23
Organizational meeting.
Jan. 30
Charles Siegel
Ricci flow on surfaces
Feb. 6
Catherine Pfaff
Introduction to hyperbolic geometry
Feb. 13
No Seminar
No seminar
Feb. 20
Ren Guo
Bowditch's proof of the McShane identity
Feb. 27
Dan Staley
Bestvina-Brady: Morse theory and finiteness properties of groups, I
Mar. 6
Go see Bonahon and Gabai speak.
Mar. 13
Spring Recess
No Talk
Mar. 20
Dan Staley
Bestvina-Brady, II
Mar. 27
Dan Staley
(first half)
Bestvina-Brady, III
Mar. 27
Catherine Pfaff (second half)
Scott: subgroup separability for surface groups, I
Apr. 3
Catherine Pfaff
Scott, II
Apr. 10
Apr. 17
Go see Brinkmann and Tillmann speak.
Apr. 24

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