Topology/Geometry Graduate Seminar

Time: 3:30 - 4:30pm, Mondays
Location: 525 Hill

This fall Feng Luo and Saul Schleimer are running a graduate-level seminar on the topology and geometry of surfaces.

Possible topics include: the mapping class group, Teichmuller theory, coarse geometry, and the work of Masur and Minsky on the complex of curves. See below for a list of possible references. Please contact the organizers if you are interested in attending or speaking. Please do suggest topics which you would be interested in learning and/or speaking about.

For information on past talks at the seminar please consult last springs's seminar page.

Seminar Schedule --- Fall, 2006

Sept. 12
Organizational meeting.
Oct. 9
Ren Guo
Bers' proof of Thurston's theorem: Definitions
Oct. 16
Ren Guo
Surfaces of first and second type
Oct. 23
Saul Schleimer
Dynamics of MCG acting on Teichmuller space
Oct. 30
Nov. 6
Saul Schleimer
Irreducible elements of MCG
Nov. 13
Saul Schleimer and Feng Luo
Irreducible elements of MCG. Finishing the irreducible case.
Nov. 20
Catherine Pfaff
The mapping class group is finitely presented.
Nov. 27
Catherine Pfaff
The mapping class group is finitely presented II.
Dec. 4
Dan Staley
The mapping class group is finitely presented III.
Dec. 11
Charles Siegel
Ricci flow on surfaces.

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