Topology/Geometry Graduate Seminar

Time: Tuesdays 3:20pm-4:40pm
Location: Hill 313

This spring Feng Luo and Saul Schleimer are running a graduate-level seminar on the topology and geometry of surfaces.

A tentative list of topics is: the mapping class group, Teichmuller theory, coarse geometry, and the work of Masur and Minsky on the complex of curves. See below for a list of possible references. Please contact the organizers if you are interested in attending. Please do suggest topics which you would be interested in learning and/or speaking about.

For information on past talks at the seminar please consult last fall's seminar page.

Seminar Schedule --- Spring, 2006

Jan. 17
Saul Schleimer
Introduction to the topology of surfaces
Jan. 24
Xiaodong Cao
Ricci flow in various dimensions
Jan. 31
Saul Schleimer
The algebra and topology of the torus
Feb. 7
Feng Luo
An introduction to Teichmuller space, I
Feb. 14
Feng Luo
An introduction to Teichmuller space, II
Feb. 21
Catherine Pfaff
Dehn-Lickorish Theorem, I
Feb. 28
Study group
Feng and Saul out of town.
Mar. 7
Zsuzanna Dancso
Dehn-Lickorish Theorem, II
Mar. 14
Spring Recess
Mar. 21
Dave Futer
On the complex of curves
Mar. 28
Charles Siegel
Teichmuller space, I
Apr. 4
Brian Manning
Teichmuller space, II
Apr. 11
Ren Guo
Teichmuller space, III
Apr. 18
Dan Margalit
Torelli groups and dilatations
Apr. 25
Luc Nguyen
Teichmuller space, IV
May 2
Luc Nguyen
Teichmuller space, V (Special time: 10-12noon)
May 2
Ren Guo
Teichmuller space, VI (Special time: 1:30-3pm)
May 2
Reza Rezazadegan
On Khovanov's categorification of the Jones polynomial (Special room: 423 Hill)

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