Three-Manifolds Seminar

3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Wednesdays
512 SEO

This is the current list of speakers for Spring 2004. Please contact Saul Schleimer if you would like to speak or suggest a speaker.

For more information on past and upcoming talks (e.g. abstracts) please consult the GTDS page or last fall's seminar page.

Seminar Schedule --- Spring, 2004

Jan. 14
Organizational meeting
No speaker
Jan. 21
Curt McMullen
Billards and Hilbert modular surfaces (4pm in 636 SEO)
Jan. 28
Peter Shalen
Hyperbolic volume and the lattice of subgroups of a free group
Feb. 4
Ian Agol
Tameness of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Feb. 11
Ian Agol
Tameness of hyperbolic 3-manifolds II
Feb. 18
Saul Schleimer
H + nK: Sequences of strongly irreducible Heegaard splittings
Feb. 25
Yoav Moriah
More H + nK
Mar. 3
Stephan Tillmann
Degeneration of hyperbolic structures and normal surfaces in 3-manifolds
Mar. 10
Juan Souto
Short curves in hyperbolic handlebodies are unknotted
Mar. 12
Nathan Broaddus
Noncyclic covers of knot complements
Mar. 17
Jian Chen
On Thurston's compactness theorem
Mar. 24
Spring Break
No speaker
Mar. 31
Dave Bachman
Heegaard stability in amalgamated 3-manifolds
Apr. 7
Ian Agol
Ricci flow and volumes of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Apr. 14
Tao Li
Compression branched surfaces and tight laminations
Apr. 21
Elmas Irmak
Complexes of curves and mapping class groups
Apr. 28
Greg McShane
Geodesic length series
May 5
No speaker

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