Three-Manifolds Seminar

3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Wednesdays
512 SEO

This is the current list of speakers for the three-manifold seminar at UIC for Spring 2003. Please contact Saul Schleimer if you would like to speak or suggest a speaker.

For more information on past and upcoming talks (e.g. abstracts) please consult the GTDS page or last fall's seminar page.

Seminar Schedule --- Spring, 2003

Jan. 15
Organizational Meeting
No Speaker
Jan. 29
Ben Klaff
Representation-volume rigidity for hyperbolic manifolds
Feb. 5
Ivan Dynnikov
Recognizing the unknot by using a monotone reduction
Feb. 12
Elizabeth Klodginski
Surfaces transverse to the flow in fibred 3-manifolds
Feb. 19
Sylvain Maillot
Three-manifolds and orbifolds whose fundamental group has nontrivial center
Feb. 26
Ben Klaff
Representation-volume rigidity for hyperbolic manifolds, II
Mar. 12
Gregory Leibon
The symmetries of hyperbolic volume
Mar. 14, Fri. 2pm
Bill Goldman
SL(2,C)-character varieties of some elementary surfaces
Mar. 19
Spring Break
No Seminar
Mar. 26
Stephen Bigelow
Representations of the symmetric group
Apr. 2
Ken Bromberg
Geometric inflexibility and 3-manifolds that fibre over the circle
Apr. 9
Peter Scott
The JSJ decomposition revisited
Apr. 16
Howie Masur
Quasiconvexity in the curve complex
Apr. 23
Dan Knopf
Singularity models for the Ricci flow
Apr. 30
Saul Schleimer
Examples in the mapping class group
May 7
No Seminar

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