Three-Manifolds Seminar

3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Wednesdays
512 SEO

This is a tentative list of speakers for the three-manifold seminar at UIC for Fall 2002. Please contact Saul Schleimer if you would like to speak or suggest a speaker.

For more information on past and upcoming talks (e.g. abstracts) please consult the GTDS page or last springs's seminar page.

Seminar Schedule --- Fall, 2002

Aug. 26
No speaker
Organizational meeting
Sept. 4
Saul Schleimer
Heegaard splittings versus surface bundles
Sept. 11
Dave Bachman
Essential surfaces in knot complements
Sept. 18
Marc Culler
Small Dehn surgeries
Sept. 25
Ian Agol
Knot genus is NP
Oct. 16
Shelly Harvey
Higher-order 3-manifold invariants and their applications
Oct. 23
Dick Canary
Deformation theory of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Nov. 6
Ian Agol
Overview of the proof of the Seifert conjecture
Nov. 13
Ying-Qing Wu
Essential surfaces and Dehn surgery
Nov. 27
No Seminar
Dec. 4
Richard Bishop
Spines and topology of thin Riemannian manifolds
Dec. 11
No Seminar
Exams/Fico Fest

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