Three-Manifolds Seminar

1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Wednesdays
512 SEO

This is a tentative list of speakers for the three-manifold seminar at UIC for Spring 2002. Please contact Saul Schleimer if you would like to speak or suggest a speaker.

For more information on past and upcoming talks (e.g. abstracts) please consult the GTDS page or last fall's seminar page.

Seminar Schedule --- Spring, 2002

Jan. 16
Dave Bachman
A machine for constructing almost normal surfaces
Jan. 23
Eric Sedgwick
Recognizing string graphs in NP
Jan. 30
Marc Culler
Big solid tori make good knots
Feb. 6
Ian Agol
An algorithm to recognize laminar 3-manifolds
Feb. 13
Yoav Moriah
Closed essential surfaces and weakly reducible Heegaard splittings in manifolds with boundary
Feb. 20
Dave Bachman
Normalizing critical surfaces
Feb. 27
Jacob Towber
Carter-Saito movie-moves for 2-knots in 4-space
Mar. 6
Hugh Howards
Knots that are n-adjacent to the unknot
Mar. 13
Robert Brooks
A statistical model for Riemann surfaces
Mar. 20
No Seminar
Spring Break
Mar. 27
Yelena Klimenko
Two-generator Kleinian groups with real parameters
Apr. 3
Marc Lackenby
Heegaard splittings, the virtually Haken conjecture and Property tau
Apr. 10, Apr. 12
Saul Schleimer
An expose of the Rubinstein-Stocking theorem
Apr. 17
Peter Storm
Minimal volume hyperbolic metrics on acylindrical 3-manifolds
Apr. 24
Peter Shalen
Smallish knots
Mar. 1
Ian Agol
Small manifolds of large genus

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