Three-Manifolds Seminar

2:20 - 3:20 p.m. Wednesdays
512 SEO

This is a tentative list of speakers for the 3M seminar at UIC. Please contact Saul Schleimer if you would like to speak or want to suggest a speaker.

For more information on past and upcoming talks (e.g. abstracts) please consult the GTDS page.

Seminar Schedule --- Fall, 2001

Aug. 29, 2001
Saul Schleimer
Three-manifolds and the complex of curves
Sept. 5, 2001
Ian Agol
Computational complexity of knot genus
Sept. 12, 2001
Dave Bachman
Distances of bridge spheres
Sept. 19, 2001
John Holt
Bumping of exotic projective structures II
Sept. 26, 2001
Ian Agol
Volume change under Dehn filling
Oct. 3, 2001
Eric Sedgwick
Thin position for a connected sum of small knots
Oct. 10, 2001
No seminar
Attend the number theory seminar
Oct. 17, 2001
Lou Kauffman
Hopf algebras and invariants of three-manifolds
Oct. 24, 2001
Jeff Brock
Cone manifolds and Thurston's density conjecture
Oct. 31, 2001
John Holt
The topology of deformation spaces of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Nov. 7, 2001
Ken Bromberg
Hyperbolic cone-manifolds, short geodesics and Schwarzian derivatives
Nov. 14, 2001
David Fisher
Local rigidity of partially hyperbolic and isometric lattice actions
Nov. 21, 2001
No Seminar
Nov. 28, 2001
Heather Dye
Virtual knots and generalized bracket polynomials

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