Almost normal Heegaard splittings


The study of three-manifolds via their Heegaard splittings was initiated by Poul Heegaard in 1898 in his thesis. Our approach to the subject is through almost normal surfaces, as introduced by Hyam Rubinstein [Geo. Top. (Athens), 1993] and distance, as introduced by John Hempel [Topology, 2001].

Among the results presented is a proof that every closed, orientable three-manifold has only finitely many Heegaard splittings with distance greater than 4, a new recognition algorithm for surface bundles over the circle, and a series of results which bound the distance of a splitting in terms of its structure as an almost normal surface.

  • page 4, line 10: Comma missing at the end of the line.
  • page 6, line 7: Except for the genus one splitting of the three-sphere.
  • page 16, line 1: "Suppose _that_ F and G..."
  • page 27, line 1: A is not compressible.
  • page 30, line 8: There is an extra space after the y at the end of the line.
  • page 30, line -8: "...a simple curve _is_ a properly..."
  • page 30, line -4: The equation at the beginning of the line should be "D \cap \Tii = D \cap \Ti = \beta" and there is a missing comma after the first \beta.
  • page 31, line 9: There is an extra space after "tightening disks".
  • page 31, line -6: "blockedsubmanifolds" should be two words.
  • page 32, line 1: Should be "D' = D - image(F_0), which does not..."
  • page 32, line 6: Should be "D \subset \Tii"
  • page 52, line 15: "as we shall see" should be "as we have seen."
  • page 58, line -8 and -1: Punctuation goes outside a ending paren (unless the parens enclose a complete thought). This error occurs throughout the thesis.
  • page 68, line 1: Wandering "proof box".
  • page 68, line 12: The surfaces A and B should have disjoint boundary.
  • page 72, line 7: Theorem 7.1.1 is poorly phrased. The constant d_1 is a linear function of |T|, the number of tetrahedra in the given triangulation of M.

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