MA3D9 : Geometry of curves and surfaces (old website)

I am no longer lecturing this course, and the syllabus has changed.
Please check the official course websites for relevant information. I have left this archive available for anyone interested.

Course notes

Notes for course of 2012.
Course notes


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Handwritten solutions by Tom Collyer:
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Other people's lecture notes

Detailed notes on an earlier version of the course by George Terizakis (1998/1999) are available via MathStuff here.
There is considerable overlap with the current course, though some things will be approached differently.

The Geometry of Surfaces course notes by Nigel Hitchin at the University of Oxford
(particularly Chapter 4, a.k.a. "Chapter 3, Surfaces in R^3"!) give a very nice concise introduction.
I used some material from this in preparing the course.


This course has a MathsStuff page, where you can find some ``archived material'' from long ago.

Catenoid-helicoid deformation:
Animation (Mathematics Museum, Ibaraki University.)
Interactive (Visual geometry, Technische Universitat, Berlin.)
Stills (Minimal surfaces, Indiana University.)


(1) John McCleary, "Geometry from a differential viewpont" : Cambridge University Press 1994. (QA 641 M2).
[A more modern account of some classical material. Some material was used in preparing this course.]

(2) Dirk J. Struik, "Lectures on classical differential geometry" : Addison-Wesley 1950 (QA 641 S8).
[Classical treatment, good reference for much of the material].

(3) Manfredo P. do Carmo, "Differential geometry of curves and surfaces" : Prentice-Hall 1976 (QA 641 C2).
[More traditional approach. Lots of examples.]

(4) Barrett O'Neill, "Elementary differential geometry" : Academic Press 1 1966 (QA 641 O6).
[More general introduction to classical differential geometry, with sections on curves and surfaces.]

(5) Sebastian Montiel, Antonio Ros, "Curves and surfaces", American Mathematical Society 1998 (QA 643 M6613).
[More modern and advanced treatment.]

(6) Alfred Gray, "Modern differential geometry of curves and surfaces" : CRC Press 1993 (QA 641 G7).
[Practical introduction to curves and surfaces, with many illustrations.]