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Brian H. Bowditch
Mathematics Institute,
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL,
Great Britain.
B1.28, Zeeman Building.

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2017-18 Warwick EPSRC Symposium
Geometry, Topology and Dynamics in Low Dimensions

Research Interests

Hyperbolic, riemannian and metric geometry. Geometric group theory
Some elaboration can be found here.

Research Students

Current students:

Esmee te Winkel (first year) and Ronja Kuhne (second year) are supervised jointly with Saul Schleimer.

My current third-year student Katie Vokes is studying variations on curve complexes.

Former Students:

Francesca Iezzi, PhD Warwick, 2016.
Thesis: ``Sphere systems in 3-manifolds and arc graphs''.

Robert Tang, PhD Warwick, 2013.
Thesis: ``Covering maps and hulls in the curve complex''.

Tom Collyer, PhD Warwick, 2013.
Thesis: ``On generalised graphs and applications to the curve complex''. Available here.

Ken Shackleton, PhD Southampton, 2005.
Thesis: ``Aspects of the curve complex and the mapping class group''.

Javier Aramayona, PhD Southampton, 2004.
Thesis: ``The coarse geometry of Teichmüller space''.

Aslı Yaman, PhD Southampton, 2003.
Thesis: ``Boundaries of relatively hyperbolic groups''.


MA3H5 Manifolds.
MA4H4 Geometric group theory.
MA3D9 Geometry of curves and surfaces (previous years)

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