Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals
Matt J. Keeling & Pejman Rohani

Freqently Asked Questions

Here are a series of common questions that we hope will help:

1) What if I can't get the programs to run/compile?
While every effort has been made to write the computer code in a robust and simple manner, it is quite possible that  certain compilers and certain operating systems differ in their requirements. We suggest that you first approach either your systems administrator or someone else in your department that is familar with compiling/running programs.  If  you think you've found a useful resolution to a particular problem please let us know and we'll include it on this page.

2) What if I think I've found a mistake in your book?
Firstly check the Erratum section, there is a good probabilty that the error may already have been spotted.  If it isn't listed there then please email us -- giving precise details of the problem and the solution -- this will help to make any subsequent print-runs or editions better for everyone.

3) Why aren't all the programs there yet?
There are 39 programs in the book, and we eventually hope to have all of these written in matlab, C++, Fortran and Java. However, this is a total of 116 programs which need to be written is a consistent manner and then checked -- this obviously takes a lots of time. As a start, most of the matlab programs are already written together with about half of the C++ and Fortran programs. Making the java code flexible, useful and idiot-proof is a longer and more complex task -- any offers of help will be gratefully recieved.

4) What if I don't understand the program or a section of your book?
In an ideal world we would love to have the time to help everyone who wants to work in this exciting field, however we both run active research groups and simply don't have the time to help everyone.  Feel free to contact us, but please view this as a last-resort -- we cannot guarentee a prompt answer.

5) What if I think one of the programs in wrong?
Please let us know. We have done our best to ensure that the programs are all accurate, but minor errors may have arisen. If you email us a corrected version of the program and a description of the changes that would be very helpful.

6) What if I have a far better way of writing one of your programs?
Again we would be happy to hear from you -- but please remember these programs are designed to be easily understood, not to simply be efficient.

7) I've got a really exciting program that I'd like to share; what do I do?
Firstly check that it is significantly different from what is already on the web pages, either in terms of our programs or contributions from others. Secondly, we have attempted to give the web-page a consistant look-and-feel, therefore for any submitted programs should contain the following information: a descriptive web-page, giving the basis of the model, the equations, a table of parameters and a contact email address; as well as the program itself.

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