Getting to the University of Warwick

Warning. University of Warwick is not in Warwick (though it is in the county Warwick or Warwickshire). In reality, it is (essentially) in Coventry. (But there is also a University of Coventry, which is different and in a different part of Coventry!)

Accommodation. Most probably, you will be accommodated in one of the hotels on campus or in Kenilworth, which is about 10 minutes by bus (no 11) from the university. Note that a surprising number of taxi drivers (even from the Coventry area) do not know Kenilworth well (this is based on remarks of others as well as my own observation).

Arriving by train

Coventry is on a direct railway line London Euston Station - Watford Junction - Milton Keynes - Rugby - Coventry - Birmingham. During day fast trains depart London Euston every 30 minutes (every second train stops at Watford Junction) and the journey takes one hour. Ticket prices may appear chaotic; in particular they do not satisfy the triangle inequality. (If you buy an 'off peak return' or similar, check it is valid on the day and time of your return.) There are two companies: Virgin Trains (fast trains, usually more expensive) and London Midland (slower trains, taking close to two hours, but usually cheaper). Tickets may be bought from these companies on internet and collected from the self-service ticket machine at the station (for Virgin Trains one may print them). Reasonably cheap tickets can often be bought in advance but are limited to particular trains.

Coventry is also on the line ... - Reading - Oxford - Leamington Spa - Coventry - ... However, it may be more convenient to go to Leamington Spa only (some trains do not go to Coventry) and then take a bus or taxi (15-25 pounds) from there to Kenilworth or Warwick University.

See National Rail Enquiries for timetables and other buying options such as The Trainline, etc.

Arriving from an airport