MA397 Consolidation

Weeks 1-10, Autumn term, 2010/2011.
7.5 CATS
Core for third-year Ordinary (Pass) BSc Mathematics students, not available to Honours students.
Module leader
Dr Nicholas Jackson
Class tutors
John Aldis
Andrew Brendon-Penn
Dr Mark Cummings
Sarah Davis
Tom Sharland
This module is designed to revisit core topics from the first and second years of the Mathematics degree course, with the aim of rebuilding students' confidence and knowledge so that they can be transferred back onto the Honours degree.
First year topics: Foundations, Analysis, Linear algebra.
Second year topics: Vector analysis, Algebra, Analysis, Differentiation, Metric spaces.
Tuesday 3pm-4pm, Mathematics B1.01
Friday 1pm-2pm, Science B2.03
Individual weekly tutorials, by arrangement with class tutors.
Ten weekly tutorials
Eight homework assignments
Two class tests