EC119 Mathematical Analysis

Weeks 1-10, Autumn term, 2010/2011.
Module leader
Dr Nicholas Jackson
Class tutor
Dr Mark Cummings
This is an optional module for students who enjoyed mathematics at A-level and would like to learn more.
This module will focus on the calculus of functions of real variables.
  1. Set theory
  2. Real numbers
  3. Complex numbers
  4. Proof and reasoning
  5. Functions
  6. Counting
  7. Limits
  1. Continuity
  2. Differentiability
  3. L'Hôpital's Rule
  4. Taylor's Theorem
  5. Integration
  6. First-order differential equations
  7. Second-order differential equations
Monday 2pm-3pm, Ramphal R0.12
Friday 11am-12pm, Science L5
Tuesday 10am-­11am, Humanities H3.57
Tuesday 12pm-­1pm, Humanities H0.58
Wednesday 11am-­12pm, Humanities H0.43
20%: Five homework assignments (deadline: 12pm on Fridays of even-numbered weeks)
80%: 1½–hour exam, June 2011
Recommended textbooks
S Lipschutz, Set Theory and Related Topics, Schaum Outline, McGraw-Hill (1964) QA 248.L4
F M Hart, Guide to Analysis, Macmillan (2001)  QA 300.H2
R P Burn, Numbers and Functions, Cambridge (2000) QA 300.B8
G H Hardy, A Course of Pure Mathematics, Cambridge (2008) QA 303.H2