Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory 

by Mark Pollicott and Michiko Yuri

The following  link contains (some) errata and corrections to the publishished version of the book (as published by Cambridge University Press, January 1998).  The original errata list dates from 1999.


These corrections (plus others) appear in the revised files from the book:

  1. Examples and basic properties
  2. An application of recurrence to arithmetic progressions
  3. Topological entropy
  4. Interval maps
  5. Hyperbolic toral automorphisms
  6. Rotation numbers
  7. Invariant measures
  8. Measure theoretic entropy
  9. Ergodic measures
  10. Ergodic theorems
  11. Mixing
  12. Statistical properties in ergodic theory
  13. Fixed points for homeomorphisms of the annulus
  14. The variational principle
  15. Invariant measures for commuting transformations
  16. Multiple recurrence and szemerdi's theorem
Warning: Chapters 15 and 16 require further revision.