MA4L7 Algebraic curves

The Warwick UG Handbook entry is here.


Mon 9:00 in MA_B1.01
Tue 11:00 in MS.A1.01
    Support class Thu 16:00 in MA_B3.01
Thu 17:00 in MA_B3.01

The Teaching Assistant is Edwin Kutas <>

Assessed worksheets

I plan 4 or 5 Assessments, with deadlines:

   Week 3: Wed 22nd Jan
   Week 5: Wed 5th Feb
   Week 7: Wed 19th Feb
   Week 9: Wed 4th Mar
   Week 10: Wed 11th Mar

First lecture

The first lecture tries to outline in approachable colloquial terms
the idea that the course contents is easy, but built on
sophisticated and sometimes difficult prerequisites from
several areas.

Normal characterises DVRs A brief self-contained treatment of a
key result on nonsingularity.

Example sheets

Example Sheet 1
Example Sheet 2
Example Sheet 3
Example Sheet 4
Example Sheet 5

Last year's module

Here is the directory containing the notes from my 2019
lecture course and some worksheets. I will not necessarily
follow this closely or in sequence.