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  Warwick Turbulence Symposium: Events

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Turbulence Prelude (April 25, 2005) Organiser: Sergey Nazarenko.


These workshops form the backbone of the symposium.

Singularities, coherent structures and their role in intermittent turbulence (September 9-17, 2005),
organisers: Xinyu He, Bob Kerr, Sergey Nazarenko and Oleg Zaboronski.

Dynamical Systems, Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence, organised by Dwight Barkley and Laurette Tuckerman (October 31 to November 2, 2005)

 Universal features in turbulence: from quantum to cosmological scales (December 5-10, 2005)
Organisers: STOCHDYN: Peter McClintock, Warwick: Sergey Nazarenko, COSLAB:  Grisha Volovik, QUDEDIS: Martin Wilkens

Environmental Turbulence: from clouds through the ocean (March 13-18, 2006), joint with the EPSRC Platform grant on Turbulence, ONR Global, NERC. Organsers: Ian Castro (Southampton), Darryl Holm (Imperial), Bob Kerr (Warwick), Sergey Nazarenko (Warwick) & Christos Vassillicos (Imperial).

Joint Workshop and Graduate summer school: Instabilities and Turbulence in MHD flows; (26th June - 1st July 2006) organised by Sergei Molokov, Sergey Nazarenko, Andre Thess, Thierry Alboussiere and Mike Proctor

Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics & turbulence (LMS/EPSRC course: 10-14 July, workshop: July 15-21, 2006), organisers Sergey Nazarenko and Oleg Zaboronski.

Follow-up events.

Continuing Euler (Sept 1, 2006); organised by Bob Kerr.

Navier-Stokes Data Analysis (October 2006)
Organisers: Robert Kerr and Xinyu He

Workshop of Turbulence Collaborators (Warwick 17-19 September 2007) & Wave Turbulence (Hull, 19-20 September 2007). Organisers: Sergei Lukaschuk (The University of Hull), Sergey Nazarenko (The University of Warwick), Oleg Zaboronski (The University of Warwick), Local co-organisers: Petr Denissenko The University of Hull), Lynne Frostick (The University of Hull), Jason Laurie (The University of Warwick)

INI/Warwick workshop Structures and Waves in Anisotropic Turbulence (3-7 November 2008). Organisers: Peter Bartello (McGill), Colm Connaughton (Warwick), Peter Davidson (Cambridge), Sergey Nazarenko (Warwick), Brenda Quinn (Warwick), Alexander Schekochihin (Imperial),