September 14th to September 18th 2015

CEA Saclay, L’Orme des Merisiers, Amphitheatre Claude Bloch

Organizers: B. Dubrulle, B. Gallet, V. L’vov and S. Nazarenko

Interpretation of measurements in superfluid turbulence

CEA – Direction des Sciences de la Matière 

Service de Physique de l’Etat Condensé

DSM/IRAMIS, Unité de Recherche Associée au CNRS


Chaire du Labex PALM: International Workshop

Superfluid turbulence is hard: measurements are few and difficult to interprete. For example, hot-wire is routinely used to measure velocity in classical turbulence, but in superfluid it produces a counter-flow that impedes direct interpretation of data. Theories are currently predicting things that are very far from experimental measurements. We are organizing a workshop to bring together experimentalist and theorists to share ideas about  interpretation  of currently available experimental measurements, and working out ways for the most effective experiments in future, e.g. using hot wires, pitot tubes, secound sound, cantilevers, vortex scattering, PIV and PTV.

The workshop will be organized around the following questions, which will be reviewed and discussed in depth.


·      Models of superfluid: two fluid model, Bio-Savart, Schwartz, Gross-Pitaeivski;

·      Measurements in superfluids:  pitot, hot-wire, second-sound, ions, lagrangian;

·      Quantum vs classical turbulence: spectra, structure functions, cascades, …

·      Transition to turbulence;

·      Dissipation processes: mutual friction, drag, reconnection, Kelvin waves.


The morning session will be devoted to review of the present understanding about the general topics. For this morning session, we invite the participants to submit an abstract about themes relevant to the general topics reviewed.


To maximize the outcome of the workshop the whole afternoons will be devoted to discussions and organized as follows.  The participants will be invited to present additional short talks (~10mn) not on results but on questions they would like to discuss during the meeting. These short talks session aims at initiating focused group discussions. The interplay between theoreticians/numericians and experimentalist will be sought: if possible, theoreticians/numericians should think about questions to experimentalist and vice-versa. Example: What is the best way to measure the mean line density profile and line-density spectra in homogeneous turbulent flow? or What quantity/equation shall I measure/simulate to test such and such aspect of your theory/measurement? (etc etc)


For the afternoon session, the participants are thus required to submit a special format of abstract, in which they should (i) introduce the context of their question; (ii) formulate their question, (iii) argue why they believe it is important and relevant to the field.



The list of confirmed speakers includes:

S. Babuin, A. Baggaley, C. Barenghi, M-E. Brachet, L. Chevillard, P. Diribarne, D. Faranda, L. Galantucci, M. Gibert, A. Golov, W. Guo, B. Eltsov, R. Kerr, D. Khomenko, L. Kondaurova, G. Krustulovic, J. Laurie, V. Lvov, I. Moukharskii, S. Nazarenko, S. Nemirovski, P. Roche, E. Rusaouen, J. Salort, L. Skrbek, V. Tsepelin, M. Tsubota, Y. Tsuji, W.F. Vinen.

The deadline for sending abstracts has passed (May 15, 2015).

The scientific programme

Titles and abstracts

Questions for the afternoon discussions will be forwarded to the session chairmen for selecting discussion items

Location and how to reach:

The venue will take place in the Amphitheater Bloch next the IPhT and SPEC laboratories, located in in a place called Orme des Merisiers (see map). It is part of the area called Plateau de Saclay, about 20 km south-west of Paris.

Detailed information of how to reach the SPEC and IphT laboratory (and thus the Amphitheater Bloch) can be found on





Lunch will be provided at the conference place.
A conference dinner will take place on Thursday September 17th at the restaurant «Les Saveurs Sauvages» located in the nearby town Gif-sur-Yvette, just next to the RER B station Gif-sur-Yvette


Please, indicate us whether you would like to come with an accompanying person. Mind that we only pay for the dinner of the conference participants, and that the accompanying person will have to be self-funded.


For the Hotel we have pre-reserved rooms in the Hotel d’Orsay from Sunday September 13th evening to Friday September 18th morning (5 nights).


(reservation code: CEA Saclay)

The hotel is located nearby the town of Orsay and the Station RER B Le Guichet and next to a bus stop that drives you directly in L’Orme des Merisiers in about 15 minutes.

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