MA455 Manifolds

Important information about the 2008 exam

Exercises I - V below, including the extra exercises on finding equations, are relevant to the 2008 course;

Exercises VI and VII are not

Combined post-mortem on the 2004-5 exam and RU Ready for the 2005-6 course .ps, .pdf
0. Course aims, objectives and programme .ps, .pdf

0(i). Lecture notes .ps, .pdf

1. Exercises I .pdf Solutions .pdf

2. Exercises II .pdf Solutions .pdf

Extra exercises on finding equations .ps, .pdf

3. Exercises III .pdf Solutions.pdf

4. Exercises IV .pdf Solutions.pdf

5. Exercises V .pdf Solutions .pdf

6. Exercises VI (practice with differential forms) .ps, .pdf

7. Exercises VII .ps, .pdf
Assessed exercises I     .pdf,   Assessed exercises II     .pdf,  

Final exams:     2007.pdf     2006.pdf     2005.pdf     2004.pdf