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Statement signed by 276 academics at Warwick university


The Higher Education Policy Institute "is the UK's only independent think-tank devoted exclusively to higher education. Founded in 2002, HEPI has built up a strong reputation for robust and objective policy analysis and advice across a whole range of higher education issues. Its mission is to improve higher education in the UK by creating a better informed policy environment - informed by research and analysis, as well as drawing on experiences from other countries."

The Campaign for the Public University "is open to all. It is a broad-based campaign with no party or other political affiliation. It has been initiated by a group of university teachers and graduate students seeking to defend and promote the idea of the university as a public good. We believe that the public university is essential both for cultivating democratic public life and creating the means for individuals to find fulfillment in creative and intellectual pursuits regardless of whether or not they pursue a degree programme."


Stefan Collini  Browne's Gamble, London Review of Books, November 2010

James Vernon   The end of the public university in England, Inside Higher Education, October 2010

Simon Head   The grim threat to British Universities, New York Review of Books, December 2010

Are universities a public good?-debate on DMU Learning Exchanges

Dennis Farrington and David Palfreyman, The Legality of Current HE Reforms,  Oxford Magazine

Previous government's HE strategy

Howard Hotson's comparison of the US and UK systems, London Review of Books, May 19th 2011 (strongly recommended!)

The views of Warwick's VC

Nigel Thrift  A question (about universities, global challenges, and an organizational-ethical dilemma), Global Higher Ed., April 2010

Nigel Thrift   Moving on from critique, The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 2011

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