LMS Prize
LMS President-Designate 2017
Caroline Series FRS
Professor of Mathematics (Emeritus)
Research: Hyperbolic 3-manifolds, Kleinian groups, Dynamical systems

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Member: Mathematical Science Panel REF 2014
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Vice Chair: IMU   Committee for Women in Maths

Maskit embedding
Maskit embedding

Recent Papers
The diagonal slice of Schottky space,   to appear Algebraic & Geometric Topology 2017
Limits of limit sets II:   Geometrically Infinite Groups,   Geometry & Topology     2016
Limits of limit sets I ,   Geometriae Dedicata, Volume 167, Issue 1, pp 35 --- 67, 2013
Lines of minima in Teichmüller space. Handbook of Teichmüller Theory V. 3, EMS 2012
A pointwise ergodic theorem for Fuchsian groups, Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Society 2011
Top terms of polynomial traces in Kra's plumbing construction, Alg. Geo. Topology 2010
The Maskit embedding of the twice punctured torus,   Geometry and Topology 14   2010

Pascal Fellow,   Mathematical Sciences, Durham,   22 -- 26 February 2016
Distinguished Visitor, National University of Singapore IMS, 1 August 2016
Plenary Lecture, Canadian Mathematical Society Meeting, December 2015
ICTP Advanced School on   Geometry of Discrete Actions,     August 2015
London Mathematical Society   Summer School, Loughborough   July 2015
LMS Women in Maths 150th Anniversary Event,   Oxford,   16th April 2015
Third Annual Higgs Lecture   (video), King's College London, February 2015
Royal Institution Discourse,   Topology, geometry & life in 3D ,   Nov. 2014

Low-dimensional Topology, Geometry and Dynamics,   ICERM   Brown 2013
Geometry, Topology and Dynamics of Character Varieties, Singapore   2010
EPSRC Symposium: Low Dimensional Geometry and Topology, 2006 / 2007
SKG Programme, Isaac Newton Inst. for Maths Sciences, Cambridge   2003

Lecture Notes and Interviews
Podcast  2015,  NSU 2013,   Mathematics Today 2007.   Memories of George Mackey
Hyperbolic geometry notes   MA448   A crash course on Kleinian groups   Trieste 2005
Continued Fractions and Hyperbolic Geometry Lecture Notes, LMS Summer School July 2015

Conference Proceedings
Geometry, Topology & Dynamics of Character Varieties, Editors W. Goldman, C. Series & S. Tan, World Scientific 2012
Spaces of Kleinian Groups, Editors Y. Minsky, M. Sakuma and C. Series, LMS Lecture Note Series vol. 329, CUP 2006
Kleinian Groups & Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds, Eds Y. Komori, V. Markovic & C. Series, LMS Lecture Notes 299, CUP 2003
The Epstein Birthday Schrift, Geometry & Topology Monographs Vol. 1, Eds I. Rivin, C. Rourke and C. Series, GT 1998
Ergodic Theory and Symbolic Dynamics in Hyperbolic Spaces, Eds T. Bedford, M. Keane and C. Series, OUP 1991

Books   New Paperback Edition with corrections Indra's Pearls 2015 , D. Mumford, C. Series & D. Wright, CUP 2002
+plus Magazine, C. Series & D. Wright 2007.   Milestones on a non-Euclidean journey, Edited by S. Parcp, OUP 2014

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