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Far-Field Breakup

Reaction-diffusion equations with M. Bär and M. Eiswirth kinetics [8] are simulated. The initial condition is a stable rotating spiral for $\epsilon=0.072$. At the beginning of the simulation $\epsilon$ is changed to $0.075$. The spiral wave trains begin to modulate and eventually the spiral breaks in the far-field region. Linear stability computations as these parameter values show that the spiral is linearly unstable.

Model Parameters for simulation:

\begin{eqnarray*}a=0.84,   b=-0.045,   \epsilon=0.075,   D_v=0,   L_x=L_y=160.\end{eqnarray*}

Note: For these parameters the spiral breakup is very sensitive to details of the simulation. Small changes in numerical parameter may result in breakup closer or further from the spiral center.

Dwight Barkley 2005-04-17