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Mathematical immunology & genetics group

David Rand

Clocks, Immunology

Nigel Burroughs

Immunology, cell biology, Bioinformatics

Hugo van den Berg


Domingo Salazar


Zorana Najdanovic

T cell signalling

Amit Chattopadhyay

Immunological synapse.

Howsun Jow

MCMC & Population dynamics

Will Casey

Horizontal gene transfer

Janak Wedagedera


Research Interests

Our primary research interests are mathematical immunology, cell biology and genetics. We are motivated by both theoretical issues and the practical aspects of extracting information and parameters from biological data, in particular genetic and image data. Specific areas and projects can be found under:

Jobs and vacancies.

Sorry, we currently have no vacancies.


Kornkanok Bunwong (Pook).

Previous members:

Christopher Bauch on Moment Closure Approximations in Epidemiology, PhD thesis. Gone to Canada. Left Sep 00.

Clemens Utzny on cytokine deprivation induced death modelling. Gone to Toulouse. Sep 01.

Carmen Molina-Paris on large deviation models of repertoires. Lecturer in Leeds. Sep 02.

Andrew Teschendorff on gene flow in ecology. Left Aug 03.

George Tsibidis on analysis of a spatial microbial ecoilogy. Left Dec 02. Greek army.

Nov 03