Université Libre de Bruxelles - University of Warwick



Previous Seminars

  1. 27 November 1998, Brussels
    Pierre Pansu (Paris-Orsay)
    Isoperimetric profile, periodic riemannian metrics and the equilibrium shapes of crystals
    Thomas Schucker (Marseille-Luminy)
    Opérateurs de Dirac, triplets spectraux et actions de Yang-Mills
    John Jones (Warwick)
  2. 26 February 1999, Warwick
    Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
    The Differential Geometry of Gerbes
    Sergei Merkulov (Glasgow)
    Deformation quantization on singular spaces
    James Eells (Warwick)
    Complex spaces and maps (for nonspecialists)
  3. 7 June 1999, Brussels
    Tudor Ratiu (Lausanne)
    $H^1$ geodesics on the group of volume preserving diffeomeorphisms and averaged fluid dynamics
    Paul Tod (Oxford)
    Three-dimensional Einstein-Weyl Geometry
    Peter Topping (MSRI)
    Repulsion and quantization in almost-harmonic maps
  4. 19 November 1999, Warwick
    Simon Salamon (Oxford)
    Complex structures on Lie groups
    Francis Burstall (Bath)
    Isothermic submanifolds of symmetric R-spaces
    Theodore Voronov (UMIST)
    Supermanifolds and quantization of forms on the cotangent bundle.
  5. 11 February 2000, Brussels
    Ivan Todorov (Sofia)
    Fock space representation of an intertwining quantum matrix algebra
    Vestislav Apostolov (Bonn)
    Self-dual Einstein Hermitian 4-manifolds
    Katharina Haberman (Greifswald)
    Symplectic connections and associated Dirac operators
  6. 12 May 2000, Warwick
    Daria Osipova (Hull)
    Symmetric submanifolds in symmetric spaces
    Frances Kirwan (Oxford)
    Intersection homology and Witten's integrals for singular symplectic quotients
    John Jones (Warwick)
    Operads and Kontsevich's Formality Theorem
  7. 1 & 2 December 2000, Brussels
    Jürgen Berndt (Hull)
    Cohomogeneity One Actions
    Fabien Boniver (U.Liège)
    Maximal subalgebras of vector fields for equivariant symbol calculus
    Wilderich Tuschmann (Leipzig)
    Finiteness and positive curvature
    Hartmut Fuehr (München)
    Wigner functions, coadjoint orbits and the Plancherel formula
    Mickail Pevzner (U.L.B)
    Canonical representations and restriction problem
    Luc Lemaire (U.L.B)
    Integrability of Jacobi fields along harmonic maps
  8. 17 February 2001, Warwick
    John C Wood (Leeds)
    Harmonic morphisms and circle actions
    Jenya Ferapontov (Loughborough)
    Nonlocal Hamiltonian structures of hydrodynamic type
    Kirill Mackenzie (Sheffield)
    Aspects of Lie bialgebras
    Robin Hudson (Nottingham)
    Calculus in enveloping algebras
  9. 11 May 2001, Brussels
    Glenn Barnich (ULB)
    Non commutative Yang-Mills theory, Seiberg-Witten maps and consistent deformations
    Gilles Halbout (Strasbourg)
    Braidings, groupoids and quantization
    Pierre Bieliavsky (ULB)
    Star representations and symmetric spaces
    Joël Horowitz
    Connexions symplectiques a courbure de type Ricci (ULB thesis defence)
  10. 23 November 2001, Warwick
    Richard Thomas (Imperial)
    Nodes, symplectic geometry, and mirror symmetry
    Jürgen Berndt (Hull)
    Projective planes and spheres
    Hovhannes Khudaverdyan (UMIST)
    Cohomological hierarchy in a space of weakly invariant Lagrangians of classical mechanics (Abstract)
  11. 15 March 2002, Brussels
    Martin Bordemann (Mulhouse)
    Représentation des star-produits sur des sous-variétés coïsotropes
    Sylvie Paycha (Clermont-Ferrand)
    Anomalies traciales, anomalies chirales et théorèmes d'indice
    Simon Gindikin (Rutgers & MPI-Bonn)
    Geometrical structures in integral geometry (Abstract)
    Jan Slovak (Masaryk University Brno)
    Parabolic Geometries - general calculus and examples (Abstract)
  12. 3 May 2002, Warwick
    Vladimir Markovic (Warwick)
    Harmonic diffeomorphisms between Riemann surfaces
    Dominic Joyce (Oxford)
    Special Lagrangian fibrations and the SYZ Conjecture
    R. Theodore Smith (Columbia)
    Morphogenesis of the Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer modeled by an autonomous differential equation
  13. 13 December 2002, Brussels
    Helga Baum (HU Berlin)
    Conformal Killing spinors and special geometric structures in Lorentzian geometry
    John Rawnsley (Warwick)
    A model for the universal covering group of the symplectic group
    Tilmann Wurzbacher (Metz)
    The Dirac-Ramond operator on loop spaces (in the flat case)
    San Vu-Ngoc (Institut Fourier, Grenoble)
    Almost toric manifolds with monodromy and redistribution of semiclassical eigenvalues
  14. 12 December 2003, Brussels
    Michel Cahen (ULB)
    Simple Lie groups and special symplectic connections
    Kirill Mackenzie (University of Sheffield)
    Moment maps and Lie algebroids
    Jean-Yves Welschinger (ENS Lyon)
    Spinor states of real rational curves in real algebraic convex 3-manifolds and enumerative invariants
Simone Gutt John Rawnsley