Robert Tang

About me

I am a recently graduated mathematics PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Brian Bowditch at The University of Warwick. My research interests lie in low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory.

In April - June 2013, I was a short-term postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Piotr Przytycki at the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMPAN) in Warsaw, Poland.

In September - December 2013, I was a visiting scholar at ICERM, Brown University for the program “Low-dimensional Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics".

Before coming to Warwick, I was an undergraduate at The University of Sydney.

My CV is available here.


Mathematics Institute,
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL
United Kingdom.

robert (dot) tang (at) warwick (dot) ac (dot) uk

My "Hydra" puzzle from the 2012 ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt.