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Version 2.4						 December 2000.

KBMAG stands for Knuth-Bendix on Monoids and Automatic Groups.
The package has three principal applications:
(i)  A standalone Knuth-Bendix program for finitely presented monoids;
(ii) A package for calculating the automatic structure of a short-lex
     automatic group, which supercedes the existing Warwick "Automata" package;
(iii) A few programs for manipulating finite state automata.

and the new features in Version 2.*,
(iv) A version of the standalone Knuth-Bendix that is specially designed to
     work with cosets of a subgroup of a group.
(v) A package for calculating the automatic structure of an automatic coset
    system (for the cosets of certain subgroups of short-lex automatic groups),
    and to calcualte a presentation of the subgroup.
(vi) A program for calculating a finite state automaton that accepts a unique
  word for each element of a suitable subgroup of a short-lex automatic group.

All programs are in standard 'C', but there are three Bourne shell scripts
(which are not completely essential for using the package).
It is designed to run on any Unix sytem.
The tarfile kbmag.tar unpacks into a single directory called "kbmag".
It occupies about 8.3 MBytes when everything is compiled and cleaned up.

e-mail any problems to

The input and output format for files was developed by the GASP group,
and conforms to the syntax of the GAP system. There is an interface which
allows the package to be called and used from GAP (but not yet the new
features of Version 2).