The Courtyard sculpture Triunique

by Bruce Middleton
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Bruce Middleton was born in the Yorkshire Dales. He worked as a draughtsman before studying sculpture at Bristol and the Aegean School of Fine Art in Paros. After graduating, Middleton worked on various prestigious sculpture conservation projects, including sculpture for the restoration of Wells Cathedral. Middleton learned stone masonry at Weymouth.

The sculpture Triunique is in Bath stone and was inspired by Boy's surface which is the image of an immersed projective plane in 3-space. At the heart of Boy's surface is a triple point. Here the trio of arms reflect the idea while the triple point itself is left to the imagination. The base, which was constructed by the University Estates Office, was also designed by the sculptor and is loosely based on a Möbius band motif. The Möbius band is one of the stages in the construction of the completed Boy's surface.

Middleton worked with a variety of materials including stone and wood. His work is mainly in private collections and includes several pieces inspired by mathematical objects as well as figures and more abstract pieces. In 1997 his piece Nutshell was selected by HRH Prince Charles for the Discerning Eye exhibition London. He died on November 7th 2007.
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