Shapley-Shubik Indices for "Oceanic" Games

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This page enables you calculate the Shapley-Shubik power indices for an "oceanic"voting game which has a finite number of "atomic" players each of which has finite voting weight and an "ocean" of players each with infinitesimal weight.

The algorithm uses a search over all the subsets of the "atomic" players and therefore the necessary computation time effectively doubles every time an extra player is added. This limits the size of game that can be analysed. The data required is the number of players with finite weight and their weights, the total weight of all players and the quota.
References: Shapley and Shapiro (1978), Milnor and Shapley (1978), Leech (2002e). (See also Shapley (1961), Leech (2002a), Rydqvist (1988) for applications).

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