Some Voting Power Analysis Web Links

The Voting Power and Power Index Website, Antti Pajala, University of Turku, Lots of information about power indices including on-line computation and a large bibiography.

An interesting on-line power indices calculator by Kazuo Morota and Yashuaki Oisho, Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, The University of Tokyo

Computer package for personal computers, Indices Of Power, for download,

European Voting Games website by Jesus Maria Bilbao and Carmen Herrero which contains much information about the EU, voting power analysis, papers, computing and many links.

The mathematics of voting power: an introduction to Banzhaf power indices, by Bjørn K. Alsberg.

Banzhaf Power Index by Mark Livingston,  Much information about the Banzhaf index and links.

Voting Power Project at LSE

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