Greasemonkey scripts for University webpages.

Greasemonkey "Allows you to customise the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript". Or not so small.


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Description:Finds a url for the current page.

Usage:Adds 'go?' to the top right of the pages (in a way that causes it not to appear on printouts). Clicking on 'go?' initiates search. Flashing on/off indicates search in progress. Green indicates a shorter url has been found that uses a visible go url. Orange indicates a shorter url has been found that uses a non-visible go url. Red means no shorter url could be found. White on red background means the search failed. When a go url has been found it's set as the href on the word 'go?'. Right click on it and select 'Copy Link Location' to copy the go url to the clipboard. (A visible go url is one that appears as a suggestion in the 'Jump to' field that pops up from the top left of www2 pages.)

More Info:Not all go urls point to www2 pages but the script only works on www2 pages because it uses XMLHttpRequest and of course that can't cross (sub)domains. Also the script works by page scraping search results from so may stop working should the format of those pages be changed.

Warwick Blogs Anti-Favourites

Version 1.3 05/02/08


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Description:Allows you to hide entries from specified blogs on the recent entries pages. Essentially this script does the opposite of the Favourites feature.

Usage:This icon: will appear in the header for each blog entry. Click this to add that blog to your Anti-Favourites list and remove all entries from that blog from the recent entries pages. If a page contains entries from blogs you are ignoring, a small + will appear in the far left of the navigation bar. (The grey bit under the black bit at the top of the page.) Clicking this cross will display the ignored entries with a light pink background. The cross will change to a - which when clicked hides the entries again. Entries from ignored blogs will have this icon: in the header. Click to remove the blog from your Anti-Favourites list.
The script also hides any entries that are about operational or human resource managemnet lessons/exercises. That feature can be turned off by altering the value of a the relevant variable near the start of the script.
Things to note:

More Info:The Anti-Favourites list is stored in an entry in your blog with the viewing permissions set only to you. Some might say this is excessively complex over simply storing the data in Greasemonkey and I would not entirely disagree with them :) . The reasons for using a blog entry are two-fold: 1] It means the list is usable from any installation of Firefox which has the script installed. E.g. You can use it from home and work. If the list was stored in Greasemonkey then you'd have to maintain separate lists for each place you used Firefox. 2] Storing data in Greasemonkey is trivially easy. Making a Greasemonkey script create and edit blog entries is a lot more challenging and sometimes I like such challenges.