This is the schedule of a previous seminar. Please visit Diane's page for details of the current one.


All talks take place on Wednesdays at 2pm in room B3.03. All are welcome.

Oct 2 Jens Hornbostel (Wuppertal) Semitopological K-theory and a theorem of Thomason (abstract)
Oct 9 Miles Reid Orbifolds (in MS.05 at 4pm)
Oct 16 Enrico Fatighenti A new approach to Torelli's Theorem for K3 surfaces (following Verbitsky, O'Grady and Huybrechts) (abstract)
Oct 23 Andrew J Chan Computing Tropical Varieties (abstract)
Oct 30 Tom Ducat Constructing 3-fold Divisoral Contractions by Unprojection (abstract)
Nov 6 Yang-Hui He (Oxford) Gauge Theories: Quivers, dessins and Calabi-Yau
Nov 13 Giulio Codogni (Cambridge) Satake compactifications, Lattices and Schottky problem (abstract)
Nov 20 Dominic Joyce (Oxford) 2pm: A Darboux theorem for shifted symplectic derived schemes; d-critical loci (abstract)
4pm: Extensions of Donaldson-Thomas theory of Calabi-Yau 3-folds (abstract)
Nov 27 Artie Prendergast-Smith (Loughborough) Fano manifolds of high index and the cone conjecture (abstract)
Dec 4 Alexander Vishik (Nottingham) Classification of Torsers and Subtle Stiefel-Whitney classes (abstract)

See also Diane Maclagan's page for more details and previous seminars.

Directions to the University are available here. The Mathematics institute is in the Zeeman Building, which is number 38 on the map available here. Warning: The University of Warwick is not in the town of Warwick, but on the outskirts of Coventry - the correct train stations are Coventry or Leamington Spa (closer if coming from Oxford).

There is also the COW seminar that meets somewhere around the country on Thursday afternoons.