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This page contains information on how to configure mutt for use with the the Office365 email system via IMAP. The information is provided as is with no implication of support. The information is not endorsed by IT Services. IT Services documentation regarding Office365 can be found here.

Put the following in your .muttrc file. (Check if any of the settings appear in your .muttrc file already and if so remove or comment them out.) Replace the bits in red/bold with your own information.

my_hdr From: Your Name <>
set spoolfile="imaps://"
set folder="imaps://"
set postponed=+Drafts   # mailbox to store postponed messages in
set record=+"Sent Items"   # default location to save outgoing mail
set certificate_file=~/.mutt/certificates


As of version 1.5 mutt supports using a remote SMTP server assuming that the relevant option has been specified during compile. At time of mutt on is complied without the option. To check if the option is enabled in your verison of mutt you can use

$ mutt -v

and look in the output to see for mention of -USE_SMTP (option was not specified) and +USE_SMTP (option was specified).

If you have an instance of mutt where the option was specified you can add this line to your .muttrc

set smtp_url="smtp://"

With that mail will be sent via the Office365 SMTP server so you'll be asked to enter your password the first time you send an email.