This page contains information about using various mail clients with the Office365 email system. The information is provided as is with no implication of support. The information is not endorsed by IT Services. IT Services documentation regarding Office365 can be found here.

General notes


Office365 supports authenticated SMTP relaying. So if you're configuring a client on your laptop you can use the same SMTP server regardless of where you are.

IMAP and folders

Whilst Office365 provides server hostnames for IMAP, there is more configuration you need to get the best set up with an IMAP client. For example many clients will default to keep mail you send locally on the harddisk of your computer, or in your home directory if you're logged in to a remote machine, rather than in a folder on the server. So if you send an email with a client that's configured like that it won't be visible to any other mail client such as the Office365 web interface. For the best IMAP experience you should configure your IMAP client so that it puts email in to the same folders that Outlook and the Office365 web interface do.

Basically you want to ensure that all your email is one place and that place is in your Office365 account. That way you'll have access to all your email regardless of which mail client you happen to be using.

IMAP Clients

Users of the IT Services Linux Desktop should find that both Alpine and Thunderbird configure themselves automatically. If not, please contact the Helpdesk.

Alpine (formerly known as Pine, instructions should work for both)