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Summer Term 2019

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The Warwick Algebraic Geometry Seminar will be taking place this term on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm in MS.05, unless otherwise stated. We also have a later slot available to us on Tuesdays at 4pm in B3.03, which we may make use of occasionally.

In addition to our own activities, we will also be arranging regular trips to various algebraic geometry activities running in the UK, including the COW seminar, the East Midlands Seminar in Geometry (EmSG), the London Geometry and Topology Seminar, the GLEN seminar, and the British Algebraic Geometry meeting (BrAG).

If you are interested in receiving announcements about upcoming seminars and other algebraic geometry activities at Warwick, you're welcome to join our mailing list. To do this, just send an email to Chunyi Li (c.li.25 (at) warwick (dot) ac (dot) uk) and ask to be added to the list.

Week Date Speaker Title
1 30th April Martijn Kool New directions in Vafa-Witten theory
2 Thu 9th May, 3pm in MS.03, joint with G&T Seminar Weiwei Wu Semi-toric spherical systems and symplectomorphism groups
3 14th May Yoav Len Algebraic and tropical Prym varieties
4 21st May
5 28th May Clélia Pech
6 4th June
7 11th June Travis Mandel
8 18th June
9 25th June Christopher Lazda


Martijn Kool (Utrecht) - New directions in Vafa-Witten theory
In this talk I discuss (virtual) Euler characteristics of moduli spaces of stable sheaves on general type surfaces. These are part of so-called Vafa-Witten invariants, which were discovered in the context of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory by Vafa-Witten in 1994 and mathematically defined by Tanaka-Thomas in 2017. The generating functions of these invariants have interesting modularity properties predicted by physics. Using virtual intersection theory, we can verify Vafa-Witten's original predictions in examples and generalize in several new directions. Joint work with Göttsche.
Weiwei Wu (University of Georgia) - Semi-toric spherical systems and symplectomorphism groups
We will explain a generalization of semi-toric systems. In dimension four, such systems can be easily obtained by generalizing the notion of "toric blow-up". As it turns out, this construction gains new understandings of the symplectic mapping class groups. We will explain its relation to a long-standing question between Lagrangian Dehn twists and symplectic mapping class groups of rational manifolds, and potential construction of exotic finite group actions. This talk is based on several on-going joint works with Liat Kessler, Jun Li and Tian-Jun Li.
Yoav Len (Georgia Tech) - Algebraic and tropical Prym varieties
My talk will revolve around combinatorial aspects of Abelian varieties. I will focus on Pryms, a class of Abelian varieties that occurs in the presence of double covers, and have deep connections with torsion points of Jacobians, bi-tangent lines of curves, and spin structures. I will explain how problems concerning Pryms may be reduced, via tropical geometry, to problems on metric graphs. As a consequence, we obtain new results concerning the geometry of special algebraic curves, and bounds on dimensions of certain Brill–Noether loci. This is joint work with Martin Ulirsch.
Clélia Pech (Kent)
Travis Mandel (Edinburgh)
Christopher Lazda (Amsterdam)

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