MA3A6 Algebraic Number Theory

2019-20, Term 1

Lecture notes (lectures 1-7)

Example sheets

Lecturer: Martin Orr
TA: Josha Box

Lectures: Mon 17.00 (OC0.02), Tue 9.00 (L4), Thu 14.00 (L5)
Support classes: Thu 15.00 (MB2.22)
Office hours: Mon 2-3 (Zeeman C2.11)
Assignment deadlines: Monday noon in weeks 4, 6, 8, 10

Lecture capture is available on Moodle.

Course description


There will be four example sheets. On each sheet, a subset of the questions will be designated as assessed questions and you should submit these for marking. The final mark will be calculated as follows:
15% assignments (best 3 of 4), 85% exam

Deadlines: Monda 12 noon in weeks 4, 6, 8, 10

Exam format: one compulsory question worth 40% of the marks, and four optional questions each worth 20% of the marks

Books and notes

The content of the course will be similar but not identical to last year (you can find last year's notes and example sheets by following the link). I will again provide lecture notes here a day or two after each lecture, matching exactly what we cover in the lectures this year. Example sheets may change a little from last year.

Prof Siksek's notes also cover similar material, with many worked examples.

The most useful books are:

Some more advanced books are listed at the beginning of Prof Siksek's notes.