University of Warwick crest Dr. Mark P. Barrow: Research in mass spectrometry

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NanoMate chip with 400 nozzles

NanoMate chip with 400 nozzles

I am currently based within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick, and my research is based around mass spectrometry. Most recently, I have been working with a Bruker solariX 12 T FT-ICR mass spectrometer, although I have worked with a range of instrumentation. The current focuses of my research include petroleomics (the study of petroleum-related compounds using mass spectrometry) and related environmental work, and the design of a new ion optical device known as the "ion conveyor," which will improve the sensitivity and focusing of ion sources. During my PhD, the theme of my work was study of fullerenes and their derivatives using mass spectrometry.

Within the research section of this site, you will find information regarding the different topics of my research, information on some of my current and former collaborators, and the instrumentation that I have used. For information on my papers, posters, and talks, please see the publications section.