University of Warwick crest Dr. Mark P. Barrow: Research in mass spectrometry

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Advion TriVersa NanoMate

Advion NanoMate

During the course of my research, I have used a range of instruments, including:

  1. Bruker solariX 12 T FT-ICR - see Petroleomics and Environmental
  2. Bruker BioAPEX II 9.4 T FT-ICR - see Petroleomics, Environmental, and Fullerene related
  3. Bruker BioAPEX II 3.0 T FT-ICR - see paper on rhodium clusters
  4. Bruker BioTOF (ESI-orthogonal TOF) - see Fullerene related
  5. Kratos Concept IIHH four sector instrument
  6. Kratos Kompact III (MALDI-TOF) - see Fullerene related
  7. Kratos Kompact IV (MALDI-TOF) - see Fullerene related
  8. MMM (home-built, double-focusing sector instrument) - see Instrument design
I have also worked, less closely, with the following:
  1. BESSY (synchrotron facility in Berlin)
  2. Bruker Biflex (MALDI-TOF)
  3. Micromass AutoSpec oa-TOF (sector-TOF hybrid)
  4. Micromass TOFSpec 2 (MALDI-TOF)