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Coalescence Wetting Flow through Porous Media Bubble Formation Pinch Off Wetting

Potential Students/Collaborators

If you are interested in working with me, then send me an email at J.E.Sprittles@warwick.ac.uk and we can discuss various possibilities. A useful list of potential sources of funding has been compiled on the here.


  • Dr Mykyta Chubynsky - is studying the solidification of molten metal microdroplets whose dynamics govern the quality of 3D 'metaljet' printed products in collaboration with researchers at Nottingham and Birmingham Universities as part of a Programme Grant into Next Generation Additive Manufacturing.

  • Dr Laura Cooper - is studying pore scale elastic turbulence, with applications to two phase flow in porous media. She is funded by an EPSRC project between Warwick and Birmingham, in collaboration with Schlumberger.

  • Dr Vinay Kumar Gupta - is funded by a Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowship and has a background in modelling the flow of granular gases and rarefied gas mixtures by exploiting moment methods.

  • Dr Anirudh Singh Rana - is an expert in rarefied gas dynamics who is funded by a Marie Curie Sklodowska Fellowship held in the Institute of Advanced Study. He is working on evaporation from a liquid-gas interface, with applications to our industrial partners' interests in nano-engineered thermal management.

  • Dr Shiwani Singh - is studying multiscale viscoelastic phenomena using new kinetic models for polymer dynamics. She is funded by an EPSRC Programme Grant.

  • Jesse Pritchard - is developing mathematical models for complex surface effects in drop dynamics, beginning by looking at liquid marble formation.

  • Chengxi Zhao (co-supervisor) - is studying the breakup of nano-jets, using molecular dynamics and extended hydrodynamics.

  • Yixin Zhang (co-supervisor) - is looking into the breakup of thin liquid nano-films using molecular dynamics and extended hydrodynamics.
Undergraduate (4th year projects)
  • Mr Michal Moravec & Mr Stepan Marek - are studying the solidification of molten metal droplets.

  • Mr Luke Walsh & Ms Beth Kynman - are looking into the breakup of liquid threads.


  • Dr Alex Patronis (2015-2016) - was an EPSRC Doctoral Prize winner studying non-equilibrium gas dynamics in impact problems. Left to become a PDRA at University College London

  • Dr Yuan Li (2013-2014) - lead research on the pinch-off project. Left to become a PDRA at the University of Birmingham.
PhD Mini-Project
  • Mr Jeremy Reizenstein (2014) - put Knudsen effects into drop impact phenomena. Went on to study for a PhD in Complexity Science at Warwick.

  • Mr Conor Finn (2014) - developed computational methods for drop dynamics. Left to study for a PhD at the University of Sydney.
  • Mr Joe Blake & Mr Michael Negus (2017-2018) - studied the growth of vapour nanobubbles. Michael left to take up a PhD position at Oxford.

  • Mr Rory Claydon & Mr Abhay Shrestha (2016-2017) - developed fundamental solutions for R13, work which was published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Rory went on to do a PhD at Edinburgh and Abhay left to do Part III at Cambridge.

  • Mr Ed Skevington (2013-2014) - extended the spreading of drops over/into porous media project. Went to study for a PhD at Bristol.
  • Mr David Johnson (2013-2014) - studied the oscillation of liquid drops.

Group Picture, May 2018

Of the Micro & Nano Flows group from Maths and Engineering (under Duncan Lockerby) at Warwick.