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This directory contains gzip'd executables for an intel/linux machine
(ELF format binaries).

ratpoint is a program for searching for a point on y^2=f(x) where f is
an integer quartic, after checking local solubility, and then
transferring to the Jacobian elliptic curve via the 2-covering syzygy
map; this is based on ratpoints-1.4, which is M. Stoll's program for
searching for points on curves of the form y^2=f(x) where f is an
arbitrary integer polynomial.  The latter is very much smaller since
the former uses LiDIA.

mwrank_n uses Shoup's NTL for multiprecision integer and floating-point arithmetic

--integer factorization: will be done by Pari/GP if installed (in
  /usr/local/bin/gp); otherwise done by trial division.  See the file for hints on how to help this.

Dynamic vs. static versions: Binaries with _sta in the name have been
linked statically, so should run on any intel/linux system without any
special libraries installed.  The others [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] are
linked dynamically, so will only run if certain other libraries are
installed, mainly LiDIA (for programs without the _ntl suffix).  For
example, if you have LiDIA's library in /usr/local/lib (and it is a
version compatible with mine!) then these should work; you may have to
set the envirsonment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the path
where the shared library is.  The dynamic binaries are of course

16 April 2005: deleted dynamic versions to save space on server.

This file last updated: 2 August 2007