Calf is the junior COW.

The principal organisers are Enrico Fatighenti (Warwick) and Claudio Onorati (Bath). Local organisers include Francesca Carocci (Imperial) Ruadhaí Dervan, (Cambridge), Aurelio Carlucci (Oxford) and Lorenzo De Biase (Cardiff). Calf announcements are made using the COW mailing list.

The COW seminar has some funds for travel expenses. To make a claim you have to fill in a Bath travel claim form (the word COW should appear prominently) and post it to Finance Secretary, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY.

  • The next CALF event will be the conference "2CinC: COW and CALF in Cardiff", 23-24th February 2017.
    This will be a two-day COW+CALF meeting organized in Cardiff. Please register here
    The deadline for accommodation is February 6th.

Previous meetings:
  • Warwick, 3rd November 2016, Room B1.12,
    13.00 Dougal Davis (LSGNT): Some stacks of principal bundles over elliptic curves and their shifted symplectic geometry. (abs)
    14.15 Francesco Meazzini (Sapienza - University of Rome): Quiver representations and Gorenstein-projective modules. (abs)
    16.00 Claudio Onorati (University of Bath): Moduli spaces of generalised Kummer varieties are not connected. (abs)
  • Bath, 18th February 2016
    1.00 Danny Scarponi (Oxford/Tolouse): The degree zero part of the motivic polylogarithm and the Deligne-Beilinson cohomology.
    2.30 Sara Muhvic (Warwick): Threefold Cyclic Orbifolds (abs)
    4.00 Francesca Carocci (Imperial College): Homological projective duality and blow ups. (abs)
  • Oxford, 15th October 2015
    13.00 (Room C2) Enrico Fatighenti (Warwick): Hodge Theory via deformations of affine cones
    15.00 (Room C1) Anton Isopoussu (Cambridge): K-stability, convex cones and fibrations (abs)
    17.00 (Room C4) Roberto Laface (Leibniz Universität Hannover): Decompositions of singular Abelian surfaces (abs)
  • Bath, 27th February 2015
    1.00 Jesus Tapia Amador (Bath): Localisation for Consistent Dimer Models
    2.30 Rory Potter (Sheffield): Derived Autoequivalences of surfaces
    4.00 Eduardo Dias (Warwick): Irregular surfaces and covers of PP2
  • Imperial College, 28th January 2015
    1.00 Matt Pressland (Bath): Ice Quivers with Potential and Internally 3CY Algebras
    2.30 Lars Sektnan (Imperial): Algebro-geometric obstructions to the existence of cscK metrics on toric varieties (abs)
    4.00 Michael Selig (Warwick): Orbifold Riemann-Roch and Hilbert Series (abs)
  • Cambridge, 4th December 2014
    1.00 Tom Ducat (Warwick): Unprojection and 3-fold divisorial extractions that blow up a singular curve
    2.30 Mohammad Akhtar (Imperial): Singularity Content
    4.00 Andrea Petracci (Imperial): On the quantum periods of del Pezzo surfaces (abs)
  • Oxford, 28th February 2014
    1.00 Diletta Martinelli (Imperial): Semi-ampleness of line bundles in positive characteristic (abs)
    2.30 Emily Cliff (Oxford): Universal D-modules (abs)
    4.00 Carmelo Di Natale (Cambridge): A period map for global derived stacks (abs)
  • Bath, 18th November 2013
    2.00 Ruadhaí Dervan (Cambridge) - An introduction to K-stability (abs)
    3.30 Thomas Prince (Imperial) - From scattering diagrams to Gromov-Witten theory (abs)
    5.00 Alberto Cazzaniga (Oxford) - On some calculation of motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants
  • Warwick, 19th September 2013
    2.00 Seung-Jo Jung (Warwick) - Moduli of representations of McKay quiver (abs)
    3.30 Taro Sano (Warwick) - Deformations of weak Fano manifolds (abs)
    5.00 Michael Selig (Warwick) - Orbifold Riemann-Roch in high dimensions (abs)
  • Oxford, Friday 26th April 2013
    2.00 Andrew Chan (Warwick) - Gröbner Bases over Fields with Valuations (abs)
    3.30 Matthew Pressland (Bath) - Labelled Seeds and Mutation Groups (abs)
    5.00 Vittoria Bussi (Oxford) - Categorification of Donaldson-Thomas invariants and of Lagrangian intersections (abs)
  • Cambridge, Thursday 21st February 2013
    2.00 Mohammad Akhtar (Imperial): Mutations and Fano Varieties (abs)
    3.30 Giulio Codogni (Cambridge): Curves, Jacobians and Modular Forms (abs)
    5.00 Andrew Strangeway (Imperial): A Reconstruction Theorem for the Quantum Cohomology of Fano Bundles (abs)
  • Imperial College, Wednesday 5th December 2012
    2.00 Andrea Fanelli (Imperial): Lifting Theorems in Birational Geometry (abs)
    3.30 John Christian Ottem (Cambridge): Ample subschemes (abs)
    5.00 Thomas Hawes (Oxford): GIT for non-reductive groups (abs)
  • Warwick Wednesday 10th Oct 2012
    2.00 Igor Netay (HSE, Moscow) - On A-infinity algebras of highest weight orbits (abs)
    3.30 Andrew MacPherson (Imperial) - A Non-Archimedean SYZ-Conjecture(abs)
    5.00 Andrey Trepalin (HSE, Moscow) - Rationality of the quotient of P^2 by a finite group of automorphisms over an arbitrary field of characteristic zero(abs)
  • Bath Thursday 31st May 2012
    1.30 Pawel Borowka (Bath) - Non-simple abelian varieties(abs)
    3.00 Tom Sutherland (Oxford) - Affine cubic surfaces and cluster varieties(abs)
    4.30 Anna Lena Winstel (FU Kaiserslauten) - The Relative Tropical Inverse Problem for Curves in a Fixed Plane(abs)
  • Warwick Thursday 8th March 2012 (WT1.04, Westwood)
    1.30 Alex Collins (Bath) - Representations of quivers and weighted projective lines(abs)
    3.00 Jørgen Rennemo (Imperial) - Göttsche's Ex-Conjecture and the Hilbert Scheme of Points on a Surface(abs)
    4.30 Taro Sano (Warwick) - Deformation theoretic approach to the classification of singular Fano 3-folds(abs)
  • Oxford, Wednesday 26th October 2011 (RI.1.28, Gibson Building)
    1.30 Tom Sutherland (Oxford) - Stability conditions for the one-arrow quiver(abs)
    3.00 John Christian Ottem (Cambridge) - Asymptotic cohomological functions (abs)
    4.30 Ciaran Meachan (Edinburgh) - Moduli of Bridgeland-stable objects(abs)
  • Imperial, Friday 1st April 2011 (Huxley Building)
    12.00 Andrew MacPherson (Imperial) - Mirror Symmetry is T-duality (abs)
    2.00 Alan Thompson (Oxford) - Models for Threefolds Fibred by K3 Surfaces of Degree Two (abs)
    3.30 Will Donovan (Imperial) - The McKay Correspondence(abs)
  • Cambridge, Saturday 8th January 2011 (MR13, CMS)
    2.00 Qiu Yu (Bath) - Stability space of quivers/species of two vertices (abs)
    3.30 Alex Shannon (Cambridge) - Geometry without geometry(abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 9th December 2010 (Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4W 1.17))
    1:30 Pawel Borowka (Bath) - An easy exercise or an open problem? (abs)
    3.00 Umar Hayat (Warwick) - Gorenstein Quasi-homogeneous Affine Varieties (abs)
    4.30 Tarig Abdel Gadir (Glasgow) - [A^n /G] from the McKay quiver(abs) .
  • Warwick, Thursday 1st July 2010 (MS.03, Zeeman Building)
    2.00 Pawel Borowka (Bath) - Abelian surfaces and genus 4 curves (abs)
    3.45 YongJoo Shin (Sogang) - Classification of involutions on a surface of general type with p_g=q=0 (abs)
  • Glasgow, Monday 5th April 2010 (Maths Building)
    10:30 Alan Thompson (Oxford) Models for Ample <2>-Polarised K3-Fibrations
    11:45 Dot Winn (Glasgow) - Mori Dream Spaces and Moduli of Quiver Representations
    12:30 Lunch
    2:00 Joseph Grant (Bristol) - Seidel-Thomas Twists and Derived Equivalences
    2:50 Will Donovan (Imperial) - Quantum systems and Representations
  • Oxford, Thursday 4th February 2010 (SR2 and Dartington House)
    2.00 Jorge Vitoria (Warwick) - t-structures and coherent sheaves (abs) in SR2.
    3.00 Tea in the Maths Common Room.
    3.45 Yuhi Sekiya (Nagoya/Glasgow) - Moduli spaces of McKay quiver representations (abs) in Dartington House.
  • Imperial, Thursday 12th November 2009 ( Huxley Building, Room 408)
    2:00 Ben Davison (Oxford) - Noncommutative Donaldson-Thomas invariants.
    3.15 Will Donovan (Imperial) - Tilting, derived categories and non-commutative algebras (abs)
    4.30 Tea in the Maths Common Room.
    5.00 Julian Holstein (Cambridge) - Preserving K(pi,1)'s - Hyperplane arrangements and homotopy type (abs) .
  • Cambridge, Thursday 14th May 2009
    2:00 Carl McTague (Cambridge) - The Cayley plane genus.(abs)
    3.30 David Holmes (Warwick) - Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves.(abs)
    5.00 Alexander Shannon (Cambridge) - Twistor D-modules.(abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 5th March 2009 (Maths Institute, SR2 and the Gibson Building)
    1:00 Alan Thompson (Oxford) - Degenerations of surfaces with Kodaira number zero . (abs)
    2:30 Hamid Ahmadinezhad (Kent) - 3-fold flips and GIT .
    4:00 Dirk Schlueter (Oxford) - DM stacks in toric geometry and moduli theory
  • Oxford, Thursday 30th October 2008 (Maths Institute, SR1)
    1:00 Nils Henry Rasmussen (Bergen / Warwick) - The dimension of W^1_d(C) where C is a smooth curve on a K3 surface .
    3:00 Vicky Hoskins (Oxford) - An introduction to stacks. (abs)
    4:00 Lisema Rammea (Bath) - Some interesting surfaces of general type in projective 4-space . (abs)
  • University of Kent, Canterbury, 6-7th March 2008 ( Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science)
    6th March
    2:00 Jaroslaw Buczynski (Kent) - Linear sections of some Segre products.(abs)
    3:30 Sohail Iqbal (Warwick) - Schubert Calculus.
    5:00 Sarah Davis (Warwick) - Orbifold Riemann-Roch and Curve Singularities
    7th March
    11:00-1:00 Workshop on Orbifold Riemann-Roch led by Gavin Brown (Kent)
    3:00 Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros (Cambridge) - The topology of some algebraic varieties
  • Oxford, Thursday 24th January 2008 (Maths Institute, L3)
    1:00 Stephen Coughlan (Warwick) - Constructions of surfaces of general type. Room L1
    3:00 Sönke Rollenske (Imperial) - Some very non-Kahler manifolds. (abs)Room L2
    4:00 Elisa Tenni (Warwick) - Surface fibrations and their relative canonical algebras . (abs) Room L3
  • Warwick, Thursday 22nd November 2007 ( Maths Institute, Room B3.02 )
    1:00 Paul Cadman (Warwick) - Deformations of singularities and the intersection form. (abs)
    (Move to room B3.01)
    2:30 Lisema Rammea (Bath) - Construction of Non-General Type surfaces in P^4_w. (abs)
    4:00 Alan Thompson (Oxford) - Tjurina and Milnor numbers of matrix singularities. (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 14th June 2007 (Maths Institute, L3)
    1:00 Nathan Broomhead (Bath) - The Dimer Model and Calabi-Yau Algebras. (abs)
    3:00 Ed Segal (Imperial) - Superpotential algebras from three-fold singularities. (abs)
    4:00 Gergely Berczi (Budapest and Oxford) - Multidegrees of Singular Maps. (abs)
  • Imperial, Wednesday 21st February 2007 (Maths Institute, 53 Prince's Gate)
    1:15 Jacopo Stoppa (Imperial): Stability and blowups. (abs)
    2:30 Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros (Cambridge): The defect of terminal quartic 3-folds. (abs)
    (move to the Huxley Building, Room 540)
    4:00 Alexander Kasprzyk (UNB): What little I know about Fake Weighted Projective Space . (abs)
  • Bath, Friday 3rd November 2006 (1W 3.6)
    1:15pm - Vladimir Lazic (Cambridge): Restricted volume function .
    2:30pm - Michael Wemyss (Bristol): Singular Derived Categories and their application to geometry .
    4:00pm - Alvaro Nolla de Celis (Warwick): G-Hilb and McKay correspondence . (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 16th March 2006 (Maths Institute, L3)
    2:30 Ed Segal (Imperial): Crepant resolutions and quiver algebras . (abs)
    4:00 Stephen Coughlan (Warwick): Graded rings in high codimension. (abs)
  • Imperial, Thursday 23 February 2006
    1:00 Elizabeth Baldwin (Oxford): Moduli of stable maps as a GIT quotient. (abs)
    3:00 Mark McLean (Cambridge): Symplectic Homology.
  • Oxford, Thursday 8th December 2005 (Maths Institute, L3)
    2:00 Nathan Broomhead (Bath): Cohomology of line bundles on toric varieties. (abs)
    3:30 Alexander Kasprzyk (Bath): Recognising toric Fano singularities. (abs)
  • Imperial, Thursday 24th November 2005 (48 Princes Gardens, 'Board Room')
    1:00 Ed Segal (Imperial): Operads and the Moduli of Curves. (abs)
    3:00 Alex Paulin (Imperial): An Introduction to Rigid Geometry.
  • Warwick, Thursday 10th November 2005 (Maths Department, B1.01/B3.02)
    1:30 Alvaro Nolla de Celis (Warwick): Introduction to cyclic quotient singularities. (abs)
    3:00 Stephen Coughlan (Warwick): Introduction to graded rings and varieties. (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 23rd June 2005 (Maths Institute, L3)
    12:00 Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Liverpool): Reflection Groups, Generalised Cartan Matrices & Kac-Moody Algebras, Part I. (abs)
    2:00 Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Liverpool): Reflection Groups, Generalised Cartan Matrices & Kac-Moody Algebras, Part II. (abs)
    3:00 John Wunderle (Liverpool): Properties of higher genus curves. (abs)
  • Sheffield, Thursday 9th June 2005 (The Hicks Building, Lecture Theatre 3, Floor D)
    1:00 David Stern (Sheffield): Vocabulary Made Easy. (abs)
    3:00 David Stern (Sheffield): Tilting T-structures, Mutating Exceptional Collections, Seiberg Duality... It's all quivers to me. (abs)
  • Warwick, Thursday 26th May 2005 (Maths Department, B3.03)
    2:00 James Smith (Warwick): Introduction to K3 Surfaces: Part II. (abs)
    3:30 Alexander Kasprzyk (Bath): Introduction to Toric Varieties: Part II. (abs)
  • Imperial, Thursday 10th March 2005 (Huxley Building, Room 139)
    1:00 Shu Sasaki (Imperial): Crystalline Cohomology and Crystals. (abs)
    2:00 & 3:15 Marco Lo Giudice (Bath): Scheme-theoretic Projective Geometry. (abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 10th February 2005 (1W 3.20a)
    1:00 Barrie Cooper (Bath): Koszul Duality and Twisted Group Algebras. (abs)
    2:45 Elizabeth Baldwin (Oxford): Introduction to Deligne-Mumford Stacks: Part II. (abs)
  • Liverpool, Tuesday 25th January 2005 (Maths Department, Room 211)
    1:00 Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Liverpool): Reflection Groups of Integral Hyperbolic Lattices. (abs)
    2:00 Grzegorz Kapustka & Michal Kapustka (Krakow): Some Geometric Properties of Singular Del Pezzo Surfaces. (abs)
    4:00 John Wunderle (Liverpool): Jacobians of Hyperelliptic Curves. (abs)
    5:00 Alberto Besana (Milan): Symplectic Aspects of Framed Knots. (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 16th December 2004 (Maths Institute, LR3)
    2:00 Kenneth Shackleton (Southampton): Tightness and Computing Distances in the Curve Complex. (abs)
    3:15 Cormac Long (Southampton): Some Results on Coxeter Groups. (abs)
  • Oxford, Tuesday 7th December 2004 (Maths Institute, LR3)
    12:00 & 3:00 Jonathan Kirby (Oxford): Model Theory and Geometry - An Introduction. (abs)
    2:00 & 4:30 Barrie Cooper (Bath): An Introduction to Derived Categories. (abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 11th November 2004 (1W 3.24)
    2:00 Alexander Kasprzyk (Bath): Introduction to Toric Varieties: Part I. (abs)
    4:00 Elizabeth Baldwin (Oxford): Introduction to Deligne-Mumford Stacks: Part I. (abs)
  • Warwick, Thursday 28th October 2004 (Maths Department, B3.02 and B3.03)
    12:00 James Smith (Warwick): Introduction to K3 Surfaces: Part I. (abs)
    3:00 Marco Lo Giudice (Bath): Introduction to Schemes. (abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 10th June 2004 (1W 3.24)
    2:00 Barrie Cooper (Bath): McKay Matrices, CFT Graphs, and Koszul Duality (Part I). (abs)
    3:15 Michal Kapustka (Krakow): Linear Systems on a K3 Surface. (abs)
    4:30 Grzegorz Kapustka (Krakow): Linear Systems on an Enriques Surface. (abs)
  • Cambridge, Monday 15th March 2004 (MR13, Geometry Pavilion (E))
    2:00 Joel Fine (Imperial): Constant scalar curvature Kahler metrics on fibred complex surfaces. (abs)
    3:15 Gil Cavalcanti (Oxford): Massey products in Symplectic Geometry. (abs)
    4:30 Chris Wuthrich (Cambridge): On p-adic heights in families of elliptic curves. (abs)
  • Imperial, Thursday 26th February 2004 (Huxley Building, Room 140)
    2:00 Daniel Hoyt (Cardiff): Braided categories and TQFTs. (abs)
    3:15 Gil Cavalcanti (Oxford): Examples of generalized complex structures. (abs)
    4:30 Oliver Nash (Oxford): An Introduction to Twistor Theory. (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 5th February 2004 (Maths Institute, SR2)
    2:00 Tim Browning (Oxford): Arithmetic of del Pezzo surfaces. (abs)
    3:15 James Smith (Warwick): K3s as quotients of symmetric surfaces. (abs)
    4:30 Pierre Guillot (Cambridge): Algebraic cycles in the cohomology of finite groups. (abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 15th January 2004 (1W 3.24)
    2:00 Marco Lo Giudice (Bath): Artin level algebras. (abs)
    3:15 Jasbir Nagi (Cambridge): Graded Riemann spheres. (abs)
    4:30 Jaroslaw Buczynski (Warsaw): Legendrian varieties. (abs)
  • Warwick, Thursday 11th December 2003 (Library Room 1)
    2:00 Weronika Krych (Warsaw): False weighted projective spaces and Mori theorem for orbifolds. (abs)
    3:15 Peter Frenkel (Budapest): Fixed point data of finite groups acting on 3-manifolds. (abs)
    4:30 Vivien Easson (Oxford): Applying algebraic geometry to 3-manifold topology. (abs)

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