Algebraic Number Theory and Fermat's Last Theorem by Ian Stewart and David Tall.

This is the third edition of our Algebraic Number Theory book, now extended with new chapters on recent developments, including an outline of Andrew Wiles’ famous proof.

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Intelligence, Learning and Understanding:
A Tribute to Richard Skemp ed. David Tall and Michael Thomas

with contributions from Dienes, van Hiele, Fischbein and many other internationally known mathematics educators.

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Advanced Mathematical Thinking ed. David Tall

Reviews: This book can help mathematics educators place their research within a broader perspective of the development of mathematical reasoning, and it can help mathematicians see the deep connections between mathematics education research and their own teaching.
(Patrick W. Thompson in Journal for Research in Mathematics Education)
It promises to be the standard reference work for many years to come, and a source of both information and inspiration ... The book is a most welcome distillation and resource for further development in our collective sense of what constitutes advanced mathematical thinking, and how we can make it accessible to more people.
(John Mason in Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik)

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Complex Analysis Ian Stewart and David Tall

Publishers Blurb: This is a very successful textbook for undergraduate students of pure mathematics. Students often find the subject of complex analysis very difficult. Here the authors, who are experienced and well-known expositors, avoid many of such difficulties by using two principles: (1) generalising concepts familiar from real analysis; (2) adopting an approach which exhibits and makes use of the rich geometrical structure of the subject. An opening chapter provides a brief history of complex analysis which sets it in context and provides motivation.

Amazon Reviews: I think every Mathematician should have this book .. Its my third year Complex analysis textbook ...Its much better than Schaum's Outlines Comlex Variable by Spiegel ..That book is for the student haven't got a brain and want to pass Complex analysis with third class degree...Don't buy that book ..there is much better book waiting for you Ian Stewart Complex Analysis .. We love you and your book.

I have recently completed a third year undergraduate course in complex analysis and I found this book to be helpful to me in explaining the ideas and concepts of analysis in the complex plane. The book is set out in an easy to follow manner with many worked examples and lots of exercises at the end of each chapter to help consolidate the ideas learnt. I found it complemented my class notes with more in-depth explanations. I also found it a good point of reference for exercises set by my tutor.

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The Foundations of Mathematics Ian Stewart and David Tall

Synopsis This is a book for readers in transition from ‘school mathematics’ to the fully fledged type of thinking used by professional mathematicians.

Amazon Customer Review 'The Foundations of Mathematics' is essential reading for anyone starting a mathematics degree. Its clear and precise style give an excellent insight into areas discussed in many different areas of mathematics, and so makes good preparatory reading. This book would also be suitable for anyone studying 'A' level maths who needed further inspiration on topics with which they were struggling, or were contemplating studying maths at university.

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Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School
by David & Graham Tall
with a foreword by Sir David Frost

The story of the school we attended as boys in the 1950s, told in its entirety from its opening in 1930 to its amalgamation with the Girls’ High School to form the comprehensive Wrenn School, (named after the Grammar School’s third Headmaster Harold Wrenn) in 1975.
This is a social document including fond memories recalled by boys over the life of the school, telling of the characters of the long-serving masters, the sports, clubs, societies and academic achievement of an institution remembered with great affection.

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