GLF - upper and lower bounds for nef cones

The Macaulay 2 package GLF.m2 by Diane Maclagan is available here.

This requires Macaulay 2, which is available for free download here.

This package takes as input a normal toric variety X_{Delta}, described by giving the first lattice points on the rays of its fan, and the set of labels of maximal cones in the fan. We do not assume that X_{Delta} is complete or simplicial. The package then computes the lower and upper bound cones defined in the paper Lower and upper bounds for nef cones by Angela Gibney and Diane Maclagan (arxiv.1009.0220).

Instructions for use:

Note: This package had to be rewritten slightly to accommodate changes in Macaulay 2 version 1.4. Please redownload it if a previous version is now refusing to load.

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