TCC Hilbert schemes and Moduli Spaces
Term 1

Course Description

This module will be an introduction to moduli spaces, focusing on examples of the Hilbert scheme and some moduli spaces of curves. I expect the audience to have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, and will attempt to make the module function on multiple levels. In particular, this module should be accessible for a 1st year algebraic geometry PhD student who has taken an undergraduate algebraic geometry module. More advanced students will benefit seeing some of the details of this topic that are often glossed over. Details will be in the schedule page.


This is module is being taught through the TCC, so is accessible to students at Bath, Bristol, Imperial, Oxford, and Warwick. Students from those universities who want to attend should email with their MS Teams email address saying that you wish to register for this module. Please also email me

Lectures will take place at 10-12 Monday, starting on 11 October, 2021.

You can contact me (Diane Maclagan ) via email (D.Maclagan at I will schedule an office hour/exercise session once the term has started.


No lecture on 1 November. We will continue into the week of 6 December.


If you are taking the module for credit, please email me. There will be homework assignments posted for every class. Homework assignments will be posted on the schedule webpage. The default option to receive credit for the module is to complete an exercise per lecture. Some homeworks can be replaced by a report on a research paper (by individual arrangement).